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A small guide to Saint Pauls House cocktails

Here at Saint Pauls House we want to give you the best possible casual dining experience. And how else could we do that without offering a selection of distinctive cocktails? Saint Pauls House offers a wide variety of cocktails, some original and some being our own take on the classics. Lets run through some of our favourites…

Espresso Martini

If you’re a lover of cocktails it will be no surprise to you that we offer an Espresso Martini. One of the classics due to its unique flavour and iconic aesthetic. The Espresso Martini is a must have for any cocktail bar, Saint Pauls House included. The combination of espresso coffee, coffee liqueur and vodka all shaken into a frothy mix is sure to get all you coffee lovers keen. Saint Pauls House always garnishes an Espresso Martini with powdered chocolate and coffee beans for extra flavour.


Crystal Fizz

If you want to buy your friend a drink with a guaranteed “Wow” factor, we strongly recommend our take on the Crystal Fizz. You will notice at first glance it is bright green, this will be due to the fruity liqueurs that are carefully layered in each glass. Of course, it wouldn’t be Crystal Fizz without being topped off with bubbly prosecco.

Just Peachy

If you’re a lover of iced tea, Just Peachy is going to be the perfect drink for you. Just Peachy mixes a refreshing peach-infused iced tea to give a fresh and cooling flavour. Make no mistake though, this is no mocktail, we use a delicate fruity schnapps to give this iced drink a real kick.


White Rose

This zesty drink is one of our personal favourites. If you are looking for a lemony flavour with the smooth textures of both gin and liqueur then the White Rose will be a perfect drink for you. We pride ourselves on the presentation of all our cocktails, however, we love the minimalist yet sophisticated appearance of the White Rose.


Saint Fashioned

This our take on the classic “Old Fashioned”. This Whisky based drink is commonly served with sugar and bitters to make a great combination. Saint Pauls House likes to mix things up a bit. We add the classic orange peel for aroma, however, we use very little bitters as we feel these can dilute the flavours. We also use Yamazaki Whisky for a smoother taste. Upon request, we can add extra fruit like cherries if you would like a sweeter flavour.

This is just scratching the surface of the cocktails we offer at Saint Pauls House, however, we wanted to share with you some of the most popular drinks in our cocktail menu and show you how we like to put our own spin on things.

Seeing nothing you like on the cocktail menu? Why not #haveityourway? At Saint Pauls House we can create any cocktail upon request, just let us know your favourite, we will do the rest!